With Cherise Shockley

I enjoyed talking to Chris-he has great advice;)

Just Talking Podcast

Cherise Shockley joins me this week to talk about the upcoming year for the Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation, reflect on the past year of #dsma Twitter chats, share her strategies for a work-life balance, and her love of economics (both micro and macro). Enjoy.

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Inspirational Read

I good friend of mine (I’m going to call her Coach) suggested that I read, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I downloaded a copy from iBooks-a copy magically appeared in my library.

A month or two afterwards, I found time to read The Alchemist, I loved it. Honestly, it went a little slow; I wanted to put the book down. I decided to keep reading, which I’m glad I did. I got interested in the shepherd’s journey around page 40.

I’m not going to give too much away, but after I finished the book. I sent a text message to Coach (it sums up my thoughts about the book):

Happy New Year!!!! I ended up reading The Alchemist; it is by far one of the greatest books I’ve read about someone’s spiritual journey and even though it is fiction, it isn’t really-we’ve all been there and done that or currently, going through it. The shepherd reminds me a lot of myself.

Thank you for recommending that I read it.

I would recommend The Alchemist to anyone, simply remember, you have to get past page 34.


What is your personality within your name?

I have to admit, I am a closet Facebook quiz addict. I love taking the Facebook quizzes. The quizzes are fun and a good way to pass the time. A few of them are far fetched, but some of them can be accurate or close to being exact. Today, I clicked on a link to discover what my personality was within my name. The results were spot on (see below), except, I’m not the life of the party. I’m shy.


Interested in finding out your personality inside of your name? visit this link

I am (insert something positive)

Driving to work I decided I needed a little talk radio, I tuned in to Joel Osteen. The topic of discussion, inviting negative thoughts to enter your psyche and allowing them to take over and come to life, which isn’t anything new, right? I know it hurts and so do you. The examples that Joel shared was outstanding and to be honest, I enjoyed it so much that I had to blog about it.

Over the past nine months my thought process about a few things:

I am not sure why I decided to go back to school-I don’t have time for it.

I am too tired to work out.

I am gaining weight.

I am overwhelmed.

But guess what?

I am extremely thankful and blessed for the opportunity to finish school; it has always been a goal to get my undergrad degree before I turn 40. I can do it. I can execute all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I am (God’s) masterpiece (I borrowed this one from Joel). I run because I enjoy it. I go to the gym because the elliptical is the bomb! (True statement)

I am going to go through my emails at least once or twice a week. If I cannot respond as soon as possible, it’s ok.

I am confident.

I am blessed.

I am beautiful.

I am a child of God.

I am going to start my day with the latter-shaking the devil off and claiming my happiness.

Have a great day.

Happy New Year.

Positive Notes

October 5, 2014

1) I woke up this morning.

2) My daughter made my heart melt when she walked into my bedroom carrying a notebook; she said she was writing a novel.

3) I enjoyed church service. The sermon was about praying, obedience and being still.

(Michelle, thank you for paying it forward)

What happened to Cherise?

The other day, I talked to (one of) my mentors; he told me that he had a feeling that I am a hard person to please. I looked at him, and told him I was. I am not sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing, but I took it with a grain of salt and walked out with a smile on my face-he was right. I analyze work and church a lot- my thought process shifted from positive to negative, which is not who I am, but I figured out it was the person I was becoming and the person I have been for the a few months.  I somehow lost focus on the things that matter in life-the things that I can control. I need to get that part of me back, the person that did not allow the changes in life to affect my attitude. I had the ability to share my thoughts, pray about it and leave it at the altar and walk away with a smile. What happened to that Cherise? I am mentally drained and need to be spiritually fed.

This week, I was tasked with a homework assignment that I did not want to do, but I needed to because I want to get 100% on the assignment. So, I went to church to complete my homework assignment, nothing more.

God had something else in store for me.  I walked out of the church with a new lease on my life.

Today’s sermon puts things in perspective; I need to go back to being the old me-I use to look at the best in everything and everyone, but somehow I lost sight of what made me happy at work and church. I was happiest at church when I worshiped with others and when I was being filled with the Holy Spirit. My biggest gripe was that I needed a church that had gospel music and I needed to hear people shout and give thanks.  But something was missing.  My needs were different than my wants. I want to continue to grow spiritually, because it is a big part of who I am. Would I like to have gospel music and hear someone shout from time to time? Yes! However,  I realized that I was stopping my spiritual growth because I was focused on the music and the shouting. (My a-ha moment) God has a way to speak to me beyond the music and shouting. My spiritual foundation was built from birth; my mom introduced and helped me build a relationship with God. I am not going to find the same church or have the same pastor that I had growing up; my old church does not exist in the Indianapolis area.

 I’ve finally found the solution to my problem. In order for me to move forward, I need to let go of my old church home; so I can find a church home that will help me grow and move me, beyond the music to allow me to continue to grow spiritually and to ignore the weeds that keeps popping up in my rose garden.