Weights intimidate me.

Cycling is fun.

Stair climber is painful, but in a good way.

Walking is great, but takes too long for me to get from point A to point B. 

Core exercises are okay; I fill like I do them wrong and since I am not consistent I do not get the results I want. 

Running is my IT exercise…I freaking love it.  I do not want to run a half marathon or marathon. I do want to strengthen my core and work my entire body to help me build endurance. 

I want to tone. 

I want to feel comfortable in my clothes; I’m comfortable in my skin:)


Gratitude: It’s the small things 

1. Waking up

2. Food to eat

3. Watching my daughter create short stories about her life and animals; she has inspired me to start writing again. 

4. Having a husband that loves me unconditionally-flaws, bad attitude, diabetes and all.


The Power and Positivity of the #DOC

Not Dead, Diabetic

team awesome

Let’s talk about Twitter conversations of #AWESOME.

Tuesday evening in the USA is #DCDE time and Wednesday evening is #DSMA time. I’ve only participated twice in these twitter conversations of total awesome, but I LOVED them and felt so invigorated after them. The groups’ members are so knowledgable, helpful, honest, supportive and positive. Everyone who is living with diabetes, or knows a person who is living with diabetes, should get on board with #DSMA, #DCDE and the #DOC!! NOW!

So you can imagine how bad I felt this morning when I woke up and realised I had missed both the #DCDE and the #DSMA twitter chats this week. I’d had two bad nights, hardly slept, and woke up after they had finished. Gutted! Gutted doesn’t even really cover the spectrum of my feelings of disappointment.

You see the USA’s evening is my morning (13 hour time difference), so when I…

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Chortling Towards Bethlehem

This is happening.

 photo ROI Ironman.jpg

In exactly six months I plan on crossing the starting line– and, dammit, the finish line too!– of IRONMAN WISCONSIN with a lot of other diabetic athletes.


This can be explained in multiple parts.

A few significant anniversaries

A while ago I was on a run and letting my mind wander. My diaversary is coming up……hey, next year it’ll be on a weekend…..maybe I should do a race or something…..or maybe I should GO BIG OR GO HOME?

Which began a longer mental conversation about doing some sort of physical challenge that related to diabetes, that honored diabetes in some way. Because as much as I keep it tucked away sometimes, it is a significant challenge in my athletic (and hell, everyday) life. And it’s good for my mental health to periodically take some time and acknowledge, “This stuff can really suck! Might as well show it up and kick…

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With Cherise Shockley

I enjoyed talking to Chris-he has great advice;)

Just Talking Podcast

Cherise Shockley joins me this week to talk about the upcoming year for the Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation, reflect on the past year of #dsma Twitter chats, share her strategies for a work-life balance, and her love of economics (both micro and macro). Enjoy.

Follow Cherise on Twitter @SweeterCherise and diabetescaf.org.

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