My daughter will be 10 this year; I can’t believe it. I see a bit of myself in her. I admire her confidence and the ability to speak her mind. Her determination to be different and defy the odds-it frightens and amazes me. I pray that she will see the person she will become, and know that there will be a few bumps in the road, but don’t allow those bumps or people stop her from being who she is meant to be.  


When I was her age, I wasn’t confident. I did not speak up or challenge the status quo and I was down on myself. I thought I was the ugliest person on the plant. I had aspirations of going to college to get a degree in communications, but I allowed someone to tell me no, that I couldn’t do it and that  I wasn’t ready for college.  I wish the younger version of myself could have had a glimpse of the woman she would become.  She would have been proud to know that the bumps wouldn’t stop her from being who she was meant to be.



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