Inspirational Read

I good friend of mine (I’m going to call her Coach) suggested that I read, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I downloaded a copy from iBooks-a copy magically appeared in my library.

A month or two afterwards, I found time to read The Alchemist, I loved it. Honestly, it went a little slow; I wanted to put the book down. I decided to keep reading, which I’m glad I did. I got interested in the shepherd’s journey around page 40.

I’m not going to give too much away, but after I finished the book. I sent a text message to Coach (it sums up my thoughts about the book):

Happy New Year!!!! I ended up reading The Alchemist; it is by far one of the greatest books I’ve read about someone’s spiritual journey and even though it is fiction, it isn’t really-we’ve all been there and done that or currently, going through it. The shepherd reminds me a lot of myself.

Thank you for recommending that I read it.

I would recommend The Alchemist to anyone, simply remember, you have to get past page 34.



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